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Platforms congregate organizations working for food security and nutrition (FSN)

Official numbers sources? data? talk (indicate?) about 4 million people living with hunger in Perú

The Peruvian Initiative for Food Security and Nutrition (PERUSAN) published a declaration today: ‘FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION FOR ALL: A CHALLENGE TO GOVERNABILITY’ with a  call to authorities to fight against the increasing number of people suffering hunger and malnutrition.

“We need to prioritize what is important for the country and apply public policies that ensure adequate food and nutrition for the population, especially for those who are most at risk such as children, pregnant women, people living in poverty, the unemployed, TB and HIV patients and people living with disabilities”  the publication states.

PERUSAN states that, according to official data by INEI (Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática), four million people suffer hunger in Peru.

There is a great risk to lose all that was gained in reducing child malnutrition and anemia because of the health emergency generated by the pandemic. This has also contributed to an increase in overweight and obesity, affecting the future health and wellbeing of the population.

The statement states the need to ensure availability and access to a greater diversity of natural, healthy and sufficient foods for all population groups and simultaneously discourage the consumption of and publicity for ultra-processed foods, as established by the law 30021 that promotes healthy nutrition. This includes the use and publicity of breast milk substitutes, as established by the International code signed by the Peruvian state.

The communication stresses that this scenario makes it even more important to promote small farmers’ production and artisan fishermen whose products should be sold more and more by local markets. Just as important is the need for better access to good health and nutrition services, massive investment in nutrition education, ensuring work opportunities and effective measures of social protection for the most vulnerable,

It also states that the proposed measures need effective and sustainable policies and sufficient budget as well as strengthening specialized technical teams and rigorous state supervision of compliance plus active civil society vigilance.

The communication is a call to action for the state, private business, academia and civil society to participate in promoting food and nutrition security.

It also adds that this is only posible if there is political will and   decisiveness,  setting aside ideological and party differences, the integration of different key actors  and participation of the best technical people in our country and generating political dialog  with transparency and concertation as the way to govern .

PERUSAN is comprised of several organizations including Acción contra el Hambre , Adra Perú, CARE Perú, Caritas Perú, Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales (CEPES), Future Generations, Horizontes en Medio Ambiente y Salud (HOMAS), Instituto de Investigación Nutricional (IIN), MSH Perú, Nutrieducate, Asociación Benéfica Prisma, TECHO and World Vission, and several associated specialists.

Lima, febrero 2022

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