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PERUSAN welcomes new members

This last Wednesday April 6th, on a virtual ceremony, the whole of PERUSAN welcomed new members from civil society organizations and experts linked to food and nutrition security from different regions of Peru. They have all been formaly oncluded as members of PERUSAN.

The Initiative for Food and Nutrition Security – PERUSAN is a civil society initiative that seeks to contribute to attain food and nutrition security in the country with inclusion of all Peruvians, not letting anybody behind.

In the context of the food crisis generated by the pandemic and the war in Europe, the platform is forming alliances with institutions from different parts of the country woth the objective to promote food and nutrition security betting on the transformation of food systems for a more sustainable and healthy future.

The new members are ADN Juvenil, Alternativa, Asociación Arariwa, la Escuela campesina de Educación y Salud (ESCAE), el Instituto de Desarrollo y Medio Ambiente (IDMA), Grupo Yanapai, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH). And two specialists: María Inés Sánchez Griñan and Alberto García de Romaña.

These organizations and experts are committed to contribute to the analysis and proposals regarding food and nutrition security within the Perusan group but also in alliance with other civil society platforms, as well as lobbying for these changes/improvements in public policies.

They will also contribute in the definition of plans for collective work, ensure its implementation and periodically evaluate progress.

The new members of PERUSAN will participate actively in the assembly, the working groups and will be able to vote and be elected as member of the coordinating committee as well as coordinators of the specialized working groups.

Awareness promotion work

PERUSAN developed a series of dialogues in four (4) meetings about diagnosis and approaches on FNS in Peru as well as challenges to public policies, seeking basic consensus among participating platforms.

The topics for this series were:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Diagnosis about availability and access to food.
  • Dominant paradigm of food systems and alternative approaches.
  • Institutionality and governability of FNS in Peru.

The result of these meetings and conversations among 10 platforms is a systematization document that will de shared with all to be used in lobbying activities on authorities as a means to develop immediate and longer term actions to tackle the FNS problems that are affecting our most vulnerable populations.

PERUSAN is a member of the SUN Civil society network and received support from the REDLAC Sun for these activities.


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